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Package Power Break Caffellatte

Large organizations and enterprises

We are able to provide 1-2 engaging sessions every day.

The session will be aligned with the wishes of the organisation. It's possible to combine the sessions with a corporate message or meeting so it becomes fully integrated with the rest of the corporate activities and/or existing health programs. We also personalize the sessions to the look and feel your company (the trainer wears a t-shirt with your logo and we place a banner with logo in the background).

As we are customizing these packages for each client, the method of broadcasting the 15 minute live sessions will be discussed with the corporate communication department of each client. 


To discuss prices and more information, please reach out to us.



- Opportunity to connect corporate communication or inspiration

- Instant energy boost

- Less neck-, shoulder- and backpain

- Less headaches

- Lower stresslevels

- Overall improved physical health

- Overall improved mental health

- Better posture

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