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Lucas den Boer

TOP EX can help any company, from large enterprises to SMB, no matter the size, to improve the experience of their employees. The cooperate with companies offering EX products and services. They connect companies and experts. Like for example Virgin Pulse, Power Break is one of their offerings to improve the experience of employees.

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Personio makes HR professionals real heroes by giving them more time to focus on what matters most: their employees. With their software, they digitalize and simplify time-consuming HR processes and help create time for strategic topics like talent development or employer branding. So far, they’ve freed 3,500 customers from administrative chaos, but that’s only the beginning.

Jeckx werkgeluk Jolanda van der Steen


JECKX is the Sustainable Development Institute in the Netherlands. Together with strategic partners like Power Break, they combine knowledge and strengths to help organizations with sustainable entrepreneurship and the implementation of SDGs. with their approach on Happiness & Wellbeing within organizations, they aim for sustainable success.


As an Olympic ex-top swimmer, Maud knows better than anyone how important healthy nutrition is. With a healthy diet you can perform optimally, in both sports and life.

Maud helps employees by educating and coaching them and helps organisations optimizing their canteens.

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Health and vitality are important aspects to be able to function well in daily life. Through a scientific and patented personal program, Tsuru helps employees to become healthier, happier and more vital while providing employers with insight into the level of vitality within the organization.


A vital company with healthy and happy employees. We all want that, and we also want more productivity, more success and therefore more turnover.


Vital Company shows you the way as an entrepreneur and helps you with your mission.

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