Package Power Break Cappuccino

Teams and small organizations

For medium organizations or teams within large enterprises with less then 300 participants, we offer the sessions in the system the client is using (for example Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Google Meet, Zoom or Skype). We do this to have the threshold to participare low, so switching of platforms is not necessary.

The session will be aligned with the wishes of the organisation. It's possible to combine the sessions with a corporate message or meeting so it becomes fully integrated with the rest of the corporate activities. We also offer the sessions in the look and feel of your organization, for example, our trainer will wear a t-shirt with your logo.


- More connection between colleagues

- Opportunity to connect corporate communication or inspiration

- Instant energy boost

- Less neck-, shoulder- and backpain

- Less headaches

- Lower stresslevels

- Overall improved physical health

- Overall improved mental health

- Better posture

If hightend connection between colleagues is wished for, it's also possible to split the participants, and book multiple Espresso packages.


Prices per month (excl. VAT)*:

1 session a week         € 190,- per month

2 sessions a week        € 370,- per month

3 sessions a week        € 540,- per month

4 sessions a week        € 695,- per month

5 sessions a week        € 899,- per month

*The minimum subscription is 3 months, as the results will be most clearly noticed when taking part regularly. There is a 5% discount for a subscription of 6 months, and a 10% discount on a subscription of 12 months.